Residential Design.

We Provide

Exceptional Spaces.

Conceptual lines, subtle detailing and luxury materials, perfected with accent tones and layered finishes – a signature style, evolved to create exceptional spaces for you to enjoy.

Melanie Tomlinson Design will create a space tailored to your bespoke requirements while inspiring thinking to exceed your vision by reflecting personalities, lifestyles, and passions through to understanding light, space and location.

We connect with our clients in a way that instils trust, guided by our years of expertise, imploring us the freedom to design and the opportunity to create whilst ensuring your home authentically portrays who you are.

We make

A connection.

Taking the time to understand our clients is an imperative part of our process, drawing out crucial needs and expectations of how your home should feel and function. An informal affair that affords us a journey into your lives not just into your home and those who live within.

Bringing your vision to reality is what we do best, ensuring we capture creative possibilities in a way that are understood both visually and emotionally, rationally and functionally fostering our tried and tested formulaic style.

  • Initial Consultation
  • Concept Design
  • Design Development
  • Finishing touches

Melanie Tomlinson

“I adore my job. Meeting new people and being trusted to enter their lives and help to improve the quality of that life is quite the responsibility! I have met so many wonderful people and shared so many exciting journeys!”