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A singular process

Mixe functionality & elegance

Luxury comes from a combination of exceptional comfort, functionality and elegance. It is often a practice of restrained indulgence.
— Melanie Tomlinson | Director

1:The Experience

At MTD there is a focus on delivering an exclusively tailored design experience that draws out the potential of each environment, maximising the impact of quality design whilst ensuring clients personalities are positively reflected in the end result.

MTD operate not only as interior designers, but also as key collaborators with architectural and building stakeholders, ensuring your project comes together with design integrity and an overall aesthetic cohesion. 


    2:concept design

    Initial concept sketches and drawings are created, allowing you to visualise the possibilities, and stoke the creative fires. Discussion at this point help MTD refine the concept for your home, drill down on some functional detail and assess your appetite for creative risk taking.

    MTD's services relating to sketching & perspective drawing:

    • initial hand concept sketches & design with you at your home
    • elevations & perspective drawings indicating finishes & furniture
    • colour concepts & renderings of your ideal living space

    3:Development Applications, Design Documentation, Drafting

    We offer the full range of design development, construction documentation and drafting services, including Development Application (DA) or Complying Development Certificate (CDC) application  & council submission.

    A Development Application or Complying Development Certificate is the submission of documentation to your local council or Private Certifying Authority for approval of the work you intend to carry out on your new or existing structure. 


    4:Selection of finishes, fittings & furniture

    One of the most exciting aspects of interior design is the vast selection of finishes, fittings & furniture offered by a broad cross section of international manufactures and suppliers. Not to mention bespoke furniture design from craftspeople and makers that can indulge the desire for individuality or provide a practical solution for difficult spaces.

    Furniture & accessories are, of course, the exciting and final stage of the project. MTD assists you to decide the style, size, quantity and finish of furniture items, coordinating appropriate accessories with each finished space. 

    5:Construction & project management

    MTD offer a design project management or project co-ordination service. If specifically engaged to provide an onsite presence, MTD ensure that all the moving pieces of the project come together correctly and you are completely satisfied with the outcome of the.

    MTD are on board to offer personal attention to your home as the design is implemented, seamless integration of professional services, contractor liaison, quality control and assurance.


    Every time we walk through the front door of our incredibly stylish apartment we feel that, we have succeeded in creating a beautiful beach house ambiance in the sky.
    — John Little | Surry Hills | Sydney