Melanie Tomlinson Design processes cover the end to end experience delivered by this luxury interior design service.



At MTD there is a focus on delivering an exclusively tailored design experience that draws out the potential of each environment, maximising the impact of quality design whilst ensuring clients personalities are positively reflected in the end result.

"It is so important that there's a connection between myself and the client. Taking the time to understand each other and trust each other is key to delivering a space that exceeds both creative and functional expectations." Melanie Tomlinson

MTD operate not only as interior designers, but also as key collaborators with architectural and building stakeholders, ensuring your project comes together with design integrity and an overall aesthetic cohesion. 

"I adore my job. Meeting new people and being trusted to enter their lives and help to improve the quality of that life is quite the responsibility! I have met so many wonderful people and shared so many exciting journeys!"  Melanie Tomlinson


Concept design starts at your home, over a cup of tea. These sessions with Director, Melanie Tomlinson, are informal - a chance to get to know each other, understand how the home works and identify the most important areas on which to focus.

Initial concept sketches and drawings are created, allowing you to visualise the possibilities, and stoke the creative fires. Discussion at this point help MTD refine the concept for your home, drill down on some functional detail and assess your appetite for creative risk taking.

MTD's services relating to sketching & perspective drawing:

  • initial hand concept sketches & design with you at your home

  • elevations & perspective drawings indicating finishes & furniture

  • colour concepts & renderings of your ideal living space

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We offer the full range of design development, construction documentation and drafting services, including Development Application (DA) or Complying Development Certificate (CDC) application  & council submission.

A Development Application or Complying Development Certificate is the submission of documentation to your local council or Private Certifying Authority for approval of the work you intend to carry out on your new or existing structure. 

We offer a fast track approach with the allocation of an experienced Architect, Designer or fit-out Project Manager to undertake all aspects of council liaison, research, project scoping, preliminary budget preparation, together with preparation and lodgement of the actual submission.

"I prefer not to focus on one signature style, I like the excitement of what a new concept can bring. The finishings can be so much fun when you have really got to know your client and can delight them by bringing the project to completion with style, warmth and liveability, Watching their faces as we go through finishes boards is one of the most satisfying face to face sessions we have!"  Melanie Tomlinson


The key to a well executed design are engaging suitably qualified, reputable building professionals and strong onsite project management to bring all the pieces of a project together.

Throughout the design of a project MTD can recommended trade professionals with whom they regularly engage. MTD want to ensure clients have a positive experience, from start to finish, and the construction professionals ultimately engaged will be a great influence.

MTD offer a design project management or project co-ordination service. If specifically engaged to provide an onsite presence, MTD ensure that all the moving pieces of the project come together correctly and you are completely satisfied with the outcome of the.

MTD are on board to offer personal attention to your home as the design is implemented, seamless integration of professional services, contractor liaison, quality control and assurance.


One of the most exciting aspects of interior design is the vast selection of finishes, fittings & furniture offered by a broad cross section of international manufacturers and suppliers. Not to mention bespoke furniture design from craftspeople and makers that can indulge the desire for individuality or provide a practical solution for difficult spaces.

Finishes can include timber, paint, wallpaper, tiling, carpets & laminates. All areas of a home or workplace whether living, kitchen or bathrooms require careful selection & coordination of finishes to produce a seamless and cohesive design.

Fittings include taps, door handles, lights & more. Kitchens and bathrooms are important spaces where professional design knowledge is worth the investment. Adding individual character to your home and setting you apart from off-the-shelf installations.

Furniture & accessories are, of course, the exciting and final stage of the project. MTD assists you to decide the style, size, quantity and finish of furniture items, coordinating appropriate accessories with each finished space. 

Our services include sourcing of all finishes, fittings, furniture, & accessories from manufacturers & suppliers. Presentation of designs are on portable finishes boards. 

Balmain Cottage Testimonial

“An architect can put a lot of house on a block of land, but it takes something more to see each individual space within that same structure as a new opportunity to maximise functionality and beauty. Until my Balmain Cottage project, I didn’t realise an interior designer did anything more than choose paint colours and vases. Within a few weeks of the project I realised bathroom spaces would be totally re-imagined, my paint ideas would be replaced where appropriate, and others (like my dark grey kitchen) would be embraced in keeping with my “traditional modern” theme. In the end, all the furniture choices were Melanie’s. How on Earth could I trust myself to match the quality of the furniture to the quality of the home? The beautiful gilt mirror, over the fireplace, from the Regent Beverly Wiltshire, is a highlight and a major conversation piece having featured in my favourite movie, Pretty Woman. Obviously, any project I undertake in the future will only happen with Melanie onboard.”

- ML |Balmain, Sydney

We thoroughly enjoyed the entire process of carrying out this exciting major project and would recommend Melanie and her team without hesitation to friends and family or anyone else considering appointing an interior designer.  Every time we walk through the front door of our incredibly stylish apartment we feel that, after being carefully and sympathetically guided by Melanie and her team, we have succeeded in creating a beautiful beach house ambiance in the sky.
— John Little | Surry Hills | Sydney