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Bronte House

Bronte House, Sydney Australia, Interior design by Melanie Tomlinson Design

Bronte House LR-32_retouched.jpg


Bronte House is a quintessential Sydney beach side, family friendly home in Sydney's east. It's spacious, organised and fit for it's young family to thrive and grow both indoors and out. The home's bones were great but it needed a little personality, and now that the children are growing up it was decided the entry or play area would be transformed into an adults formal lounge where they could retreat to whilst the kids continued to play in the main living spaces. Various areas were given the once over including the powder room, study, stairs, master bedroom and kitchen. The rear garden was raised to the same level as the deck and inside of the house for a flush, seamless finish from the front door to the back fence. As a result there are no unused or awkward corners, every area is utilised to it's maximum potential with a sunny north facing garden. We focused a lot of effort on storage solutions behind the scenes in the butlers pantry, laundry and within storage cupboards. The entire home was given a fresh coat of paint, resulting in a crisp and uplifting feeling moving from room to room. 

Designer: Melanie Tomlinson & Marnee Fox
Photographer: Tessa Chirnside

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