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Bondi Junction House 1

Bondi Junction residential property designed by Melanie Tomlinson Design

160510 33 St John Rd_225.jpg

Bondi Junction HOUSE 1

Originally built in 1914 as a semi-detached, single level cottage, this Victorian period home is Melanie Tomlinson's. In 2015 the meticulous renovation commenced and now boasts 2 levels that integrate the original period features with a contemporary aesthetic of beach & park side living and family lifestyle. The floor space has more than doubled with the addition of a first floor, every space is highly functional and easy to live in. Details are plenty in bathrooms and the courtyard is an oasis of fresh silver travertine and an outdoor shower for when returning from the beach. It was home to raising two young boys for two years before they relocated to London.

Designer: Melanie Tomlinson  
Photographer: Georgina Egan
Builder: Quay Building and Design

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