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Balmain Cottage

Balmain Cottage, Sydney Australia, Interior design by Melanie Tomlinson Design



A dated cottage with a haphazard floor plan underwent a sophisticated renovation to restore its heritage style, resulting in a stylish, welcoming home. When the owner of this Balmain cottage moved in she knew it was in need of a full renovation, both inside and out. Tired and weathered, the property had a clunky, busy floor plan and, due to a number of add-ons and extensions over the years, the height of the ceiling and the level of the floors were uneven. Clinging to its heritage style, which was almost lost in the mess of these previous patch-ups, the period features needed restoration. This “sweet” Balmain beauty “needed a new dress,”. The client, a young, sophisticated woman with an appreciation for traditional design, was open to a modern interpretation that used fine finishes.. The overall design vision was for a cohesive renovated space that stayed true to the heritage style so prevalent in this character-rich location of Balmain. The home needed to have space to welcome and entertain family and friends, combined with a fun colour palette to modernise it. The original facade was retained and restored, along with the original fireplace and the period features in the first bedroom. The rear of the house was completely removed, this was a great project to work on as the house was redesigned and rebuilt “practically from the ground up”. Successful and beautiful, this chic renovation has resulted in a stunning use of space and sophisticated finishes.

Designer: Melanie Tomlinson
Photography: Georgina Egan

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