Melanie Tomlinson is a progressive leader of interior design, working extensively throughout California, Sydney and London.

Conceptual lines, delicate detailing and luxury textiles complement a love of bold colour and metal finishes.


'Priding herself on a signature style that has evolved over the span of a decade; conceptual lines, delicate detailing and luxury textiles complement a love of bold colour and metal finishes. 'Understanding a client brief is the most important piece of the puzzle. Getting to know them, drawing out their dreams and creating a result that exceeds their expectations is what I strive for. As a Designer, I bring technical expertise to every stage of the project, but what is important to my clients is that I can make their home a place that they adore. A lot of trust is involved, and I respect that.'

Melanie Tomlinson Design are committed to providing a highly personalised service. Clients are always part of the creative process, so they are engaged in the design and their input is reflected in the final result. Melanie uses colour, textures, widely sourced products and bespoke designs to create memorable design impact, comfort, warmth and functionality.

Melanie Tomlinson Design specialises in:

Ground up architectural design, alterations and additions to residential homes

 Complete interior design & documentation of residential home or business

 Complete joinery, finishes, fixtures & equipment specifications including all areas of a home or business

 Integration of specialist consultants design such as lighting, artwork consultation

 Furniture & accessories specification including custom design

 Window furnishings and art placement

 Colour consulting, interior & exterior

 Interior & exterior styling including for photography

Design project co-ordination & management

Melanie Tomlinson’s tapestry of experience is rich and diverse. From California, to London and back to Sydney Melanie has made a significant contribution across both commercial and residential interior design. Her interpretation of architectural space and application of both client lifestyle and personal aesthetic is always beautiful.
— Design Journalist, Tessa Chirnside

Starting her design career in 1997, Melanie focused her studies on Architectural Drafting and Technology before moving on to refine her academia with Interior Design at the International School of Colour and Design Sydney, excelling amongst her peers to receive the Award for Excellence in 2000. 

'I felt it was important to fully understand the architectural grounding that applies to both housing and commercial spaces. This depth of knowledge allows me to collaborate with both Architects , Builders and other Professional Services throughout my own design process and effectively drive the design project management. This results in the very best outcome for my clients.' 

Melanie spent her formative years working for names like Reel Grobman in Silicone Valley, California, Response Design Group, Paul Kelly & Paynter Dixon in Australia.

'Assisting internationally renowned Designer Thomas Hamel for 1 year was a real highlight for me. Reflecting on this time, I feel this was where I really developed my desire to create warm, sophisticated spaces that my clients are delighted to come home to every day. It was also the launch pad for Design Bubble, a Sydney based practice I dearly loved building for the next 8 years.'